Domestic Collections

From the inception of our collection business, International Collection Systems, Inc. has continually achieved its goal of becoming one of the most credible and reliable full-service collection agencies in the United States. Through our combination of quality service, courteous nature, and reasonable rates we’ve assisted thousands of businesses to increase their cash flow and accelerate profitability while professionally maintaining their hard earned brands.

We only get paid when our clients do

International Collection Systems, Inc.,  offers receivables management services to large and small businesses within the healthcare, financial, communications, retail, utilities and education industries. Unlike many competitors who ask for upfront or retainer fees, we operate on a contingency-only basis;  our motivation is to recover our clients’ money so we can get paid. We handle all accounts on behalf of our clients regardless of the amount of balance or location.

In addition to being one of the leading primary collection agencies, International Collection Systems, Inc. also handles second placement accounts. These are accounts that are recalled from the previous agency after a reasonable period of time and reassigned to ICS. The reassignment of an inactive account benefits our clients by increasing account service, productivity and collection results.  By utilizing this strategy, a client can always be assured that all efforts have been made to collect on their accounts.

Our location

6421 E. Grant Road
Tucson, Arizona 85715
(520) 323-1905
Fax (520) 323-2408

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